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Congratulations Mark Dohrmann AM

Congratulations to Mark Dohrmann for being appointed as the newest Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA). Mark has dedicated over four decades of experience and insight to the Human Factors and Ergonomics profession. He has designed, trained, advised, and encouraged thousands of Australians into safer and more productive work. He lectured full-time in ergonomics and founded Australia’s first independent ergonomics consultancy firm in 1977, now known as Dohrmann Consulting. Mark’s contributions to ergonomics have been evident through numerous honours and awards over the decades, including receiving the Order of Australia for his work establishing and leading TADVIC (Technical Aid to the Disabled, Victoria), going on to this well-deserved appointment as Fellow of the HFESA.

Some of Mark’s contributions and achievements include –

  • Taught ergonomics to Occupational Therapy students, full-time (1975-1978).
  • Established Australia’s first post-graduate ergonomics course at the (then) Lincoln Institute, Melbourne (1977). Ran that course and lectured for three years (1978-1981).
  • Started engagements by solicitors using ergonomists as expert witnesses (1977) and set related standards.
  • Widely involved personally in the Australia-wide RSI response (1977- 1986) – consulting, teaching, training.
  • Established Australia’s first professional full-time ergonomics consulting company (1983 – present).
  • Consistently employed and developed Australian ergonomists, and in growing numbers.
  • Ran and grew that company successfully (1983-2014, succeeded by Ted Dohrmann- present).
  • Gave pro-bono addresses to 100+ groups on ergonomics, safety and related matters (1978-2010).
  • Established Tadvic (Technical Aid to the Disabled, Victoria, now Solve), and worked on its committee for 43 years.
  • Appointed to the Order of Australia (AM) for services to disability (1994).
  • Routinely provided expert ergonomics input into disability projects throughout his period with TADVIC.
  • HFESA Victorian Branch chairman (twice).
  • Founding member of the initial Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) development committee.
  • Has been an active CPE since its inception (1989).
  • Edited and published the HFESA Federal Newsletter (1978-1983).
  • Wrote training courses in ergonomics for different tertiary institutions.
  • Taught ergonomics at various tertiary courses.
  • A frequent speaker on ergonomics issues on radio (90s, 00s).
  • Established and hosted at his office a series of well-attended lunchtime knowledge-sharing seminars for local ergonomists (2003-2005).
  • Gave pro bono lectures on ergonomics to engineering students at several Australian universities (1993- 2005).
  • Awarded the Ron Cumming Medal by HFESA (2007).
  • Has provided ergonomics advice, preventive guidance, and training to hundreds of Australian organisations.
  • Guest lecturer on ergonomics at several Chinese cities and hosted Chinese scientist guests here (1986-7).
  • Has presented papers at various Australian ergonomics conferences, including HFESA.
  • Mentoring advice given freely to ergonomists over many years (continuing)
  • Extensive voluntary service in the not-for-profit sector, including with the Sacred Heart Mission (7 years as chair), Caroline Chisholm Society (2019 – present).
  • Introduced ergonomics nationally to building surveyors via a series of webinars and invited surveyor conference presentation (2021)
  •  Helped set up the Forensic Engineers Association of Australia, running all membership, communications and website jobs, and built it into the leading national forensic engineering organisation.

The HFESA means a lot to Mark Dohrmann.  He was very humbled and honoured to receive this fellowship, saying that his main pleasure was in the opportunities he has had to mentor, encourage and help people become better ergonomists.

Congratulations Mark.  We are all very proud of your dedication and contributions to the world of Human Factors and Ergonomics.

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