Designed for office-based workplaces and conducted at your workplace, Dohrmann Consulting offers the Ergonomic Workstation Setup course in two formats:

  • Group training to educate individual employees to set up their own workstations for safe and comfortable working conditions
  • One day intensive to ‘Train the Trainer’
Group Training ‘Train the Trainer’ Intensive
Course OverviewDesigned to be delivered in a group setting at your office, the ergonomic workstation setup course will teach your employees how to set up their own workstations by applying good ergonomic principles.This course is delivered as a one-day, one-on-one intensive, at your office. It trains the staff member to be able to setup ergonomically sound individual employee workstations throughout the organisation.
Course OutcomesEmployees will be able to setup their own workstations to be ergonomically sound. They will be able to set up:
  • Computers and related equipment (keyboards, mouse, screens)
  • Posture
  • Furniture and seating
  • Phone (position on desk, whether a headset is required)
You will have someone on site who has a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the principles involved in setting up an ergonomic workstation, and how to apply them. They will be equipped to assess:
  • Suitability, condition and adjustment of furniture and seating;
  • Equipment (screen, keyboard, computer, mouse);
  • Postures (ie whether the layout allows appropriate and comfortable work positions);
  • Exposure to strain injury (lifting, reaching, posture, repetitive work);
  • Lighting;
  • Access, spacing and layout of work groups;
  • Work surfaces;
  • General exposure to hazards;
  • Storage (suitability for purpose, access, manual handling).
Who is it for?Office employees who spend most of their day at a computer or other workstation.Health & safety officers, human resources staff member or other relevant members of staff, who will be/is responsible for ensuring individual workstations are ergonomically sound.
Course lengthHalf day, at your officeOne full day, at your office

If you would like an expert to assess individual workstations, we can do that too! Send us an email or contact us on 03 9376 1844 to book the training or the assessments.

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