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About Dohrmann Consulting

Investing in injury prevention today makes for safer,  more productive spaces tomorrow. Dohrmann Consulting provides independent and experienced training and advice on ergonomics and workplace safety. We advise on injury prevention, developing safer and more productive spaces across Australia and beyond. Our team of engineers and ergonomists delivers expert advice for safe working environments through refined workplace planning.   We work with clients to plan, build and modify workplaces and work systems which are safe, comfortable and productive, across a broad range of industry sectors. Independently owned since 1977, our experienced staff are experienced in all fields of workplace safety design and related legal obligations, including offices, transport, manufacturing, retail and health care, agriculture and government. Take a look at some of our services below:

Expert Opinion

Dohrmann Consulting’s team of ergonomics and safety specialists provide expert liability advice in litigated personal injury claims, Australia-wide. Read More →

Ergonomics Assessments

We can assess your workplace, workstation, plant, product or process and give you the expert advice you need to ensure user safety, comfort and productivity. Read More →


Whatever your stakeholder training requirements, Dohrmann Consulting offers specialist and customised programs in risk identification and control, manual handling, OH&S safety training and workstation assessment to arm your team with the knowledge to improve your ergonomic environment. Read More →

User Centred Design

As technologies advance, applying proven ergonomics principles to new product designs, with independent expert advice on compliance with ergonomic and safety standards, gives products the ‘user friendly’ edge. Read More →

Meet some of our team:

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