Dohrmann Consulting offers training in manual handling and strain prevention. It is hands-on training in identifying, assessing and fixing strain risks.

Course Overview:

The Hazardous Manual Task Risk Identification and Control course will train your employees how to identify risks in manual tasks. Many courses are largely confined so-called ‘safe lifting’. The course goes to the heart of the risks: finding and fixing them. If your staff cannot identify when a manual task is hazardous, knowing how to do it correctly offers little help; the risk of injury remains. This course will ensure your employees can identify – therefore avoid – a manual handling related risk.

Course Outcomes:

Information, instruction and training are necessary to ensure that employees know how to do their jobs safely and can follow health and safety procedures.

At the conclusion of this training, employees will understand:

  • What aspects of manual handling are hazardous
  • How hazardous manual handling affects the body and what factors can increase the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • How MSD can be prevented
  • Existing measures in place in the business to control the risk of MSD
  • How to select and use appropriate manual handling techniques
  • How to develop and use risk controls such as mechanical aids and safe systems of work

Who is it for?

Any employees who:

  • Carry out manual handling tasks, as well as their health and safety representatives, managers and supervisors
  • Select and purchase tools and equipment used in manual handling tasks
  • Design manual handling tasks or systems of work, or the layout of a workplace where manual handling is carried out.
  • Are involved in identifying hazardous manual handling, and the assessment and control of MSD risks

Course length: 

One half day. Available in capital cities, and regionally by arrangement.

This course can be extended to a full day, offering the opportunity for field inspections and practical work.

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