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Green Star certification


Are you considering the Green Star Ergonomics credit for your workplace or Green Star design?

Green Star is Australia’s mark of quality for the design, construction and operations for sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. Attaining the Green Star Certification is a demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility and creates healthier, more productive workplaces. Lower operating costs and a decreased impact on the environment are other benefits to your business after attaining Green Star certification.

Part of the Green Star certification is an Ergonomics credit. Dohrmann Consulting are a team of ergonomists and engineers with the necessary professional qualifications (including required Certified Professional Ergonomist accreditation specified under the Green Star Ergonomics credit) to provide the level of advice needed for fit-outs in work settings both over and under 500 m2.

We provide regular, practical and effective advice on workplace ergonomics, and this includes advice for construction and fit-out work aspiring for WELL Building and/or Green Star accreditation.

Following the compliance requirements set out in the Green Star Ergonomics credit, we can:

  • conduct task and user needs analysis with the client’s staff to assess the suitability of any proposed work setting and associated equipment proposed for the various end users. We can gather this information a number of ways to your preference (e.g. via online survey or one-to-one interviews with managers);
  • review proposed (and/or suggest alternative) workstation furniture and equipment to confirm, amongst other things, that adjustability, size and user comfort are adequately addressed, and;
  • provide furniture and equipment ergonomics information to the work setting users (through information sessions and/or an information guide) to support an ergonomically sound workplace.

Once the compliance requirements have been met, as recommended, we will provide you with:

  • a statement that all fit-out items installed in the primary space comply with the aims of the credit;
  • ergonomics information (including information sessions if desired) for work setting users to support continued ergonomics-considered use of workstation furniture and equipment; and
  • a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) certificate of the lead ergonomist(s).

If you’re interested in talking to one of our experts about whether the Green Star Ergonomics credit is the right step for your company, please contact us.

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