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NCC Performance requirements

NCC Performance Requirements

The National Construction Code (NCC) stands as Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for the built environment. It establishes minimum standards for safety, health, amenity, accessibility, and sustainability across the country.

Adherence to the NCC performance requirements is crucial to ensure that buildings meet the necessary standards that safeguard the well being of occupants and the broader community. When a design adheres to the NCC performance requirements compliance is achieved.  However, there are instances where meeting these Provisions may prove challenging due to various factors, including fixed building or structural conditions, services, updates or changes in regulation, design  errors, heritage considerations, budgetary constraints, the unique complexities of certain projects, cultural or historic preservation. In situations of non-compliance the implementation of an alternative Performance Solution becomes necessary. NCC Performance requirements must then be met by a Deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) provision or with a unique performance solution (alternative solution).  

When NCC Performance Requirements are not met.

Thus, in situations where compliance is not met, seeking assistance from professionals well-versed in relevant regulations and standards is invaluable. Architects, engineers, and consultants with expertise in building compliance can provide insights and recommendations to rectify and/or justify non-compliance issues. Consulting experts can help to understand the specific criteria that the design does not meet and pinpoint the exact gaps that need to be addressed. These limitations could be due to design errors, lack of knowledge, inadequate resources, or other factors. Professionals can provide expert judgment compliance to determine an appropriate solution that complies with the NCC performance requirements.  

Qualified experts can explore feasible options to bridge the gaps and ensure compliance with the required provisions. Alternate solutions can save costs for a project by reducing the amount of remedial construction required to bring the structure into compliance and ensure safety is achieved. We have seen many cases, for example, where a stairway was planned to be removed and completely reconstructed. However an appropriate solution,  less destructive and less costly, has determined safety and compliance is achieved. By examining alternative design approaches and considering performance-based solutions, they can guide the modification of designs to meet the necessary standards. Their expertise ensures that performance solutions are designed to achieve the desired outcomes while addressing specific non-compliance issues.

Documenting the modifications made to the design, along with verification methods from qualified experts, is a crucial step in ensuring compliance. This documentation serves as evidence of the actions taken to rectify the non-compliance issues and demonstrate adherence to the deemed-to-satisfy provisions.

Using Ergonomics to design performance solutions.

At Dohrmann Consulting, we understand the complexities of achieving compliance and designing performance solutions that meet the NCC requirements.  Leveraging our extensive experience, we have provided expert guidance on a multitude of solutions including safe stairways, inclusive and accessible modifications, heritage listings requirements, headroom limitations, doorway compliance and balustrade climability. Our team of experts stay up to date with building regulations and prioritise facilitating seamless human interaction and movement in design solutions.

Remember, it is crucial to consult with professionals and experts who have experience in the specific domain and relevant regulations. They can provide valuable guidance and help navigate the process of bringing the design into compliance with the required provisions. This is important to ensure the safety, accessibility, and comfort for use by the intended population.

At Dohrmann Consulting, we offer free preliminary advice to help understand the scope of your project and determine how we can help. Give us a call or submit an enquiry online via our website to discuss your matter and leave the solutions to us. 

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