Did you know that an ergonomically sound environment will increase productivity, maximise efficiency and minimise risk? Dohrmann Consulting can help you design the environment for the people who use it. We will consider human factors and compliance requirements, as well as ergonomics and safety standards. This will ensure you meet the needs, capabilities and limitations of users likely to interact with your product, workplace, plant or system.

Control Room Design

The design of control rooms can have a large impact on human performance and well being. A control room designed with good ergonomics will increase productivity and ensure the safety of each operator as they interact with machines, furniture and the environment is taken into account. As engineers and ergonomists, Dohrmann Consulting experts can help you setup up an ergonomically sound control room, whether it’s at design stage or well-established.

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National Construction Code (NCC) Performance Solutions

Dohrmann Consulting’s expert engineers and ergonomists can help designers, architects and surveyors with compliance to the National Construction Code (NCC)/BCA, including obtaining exemptions with Performance Solutions (Alternative Solutions).

Where a non-compliance to the NCC is identified, Dohrmann Consulting can provide expert advice on a justifiable solution that is sufficient to fulfill necessary ergonomics/safety criteria implicit in the applicable NCC Performance Requirements. Our areas of expertise include all aspects of access and egress building elements, including disability access and slip resistance requirements.

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Disability Access and Compliance

  • Buildings – access and accessways
  • Usability of equipment
  • Assessed against relevant Standards and Codes

Workplace Design, Relocations and Fitouts

We can assess architectural plans for new workplace design or refurbishments, including:

    • Independent examination of plans for new workplace layouts.
    • Expert advice and support on human factors and ergonomics and safety standards for planners, architects, engineers, interior designers and suppliers.
    • OHS compliance checks.
    • Green Star Certification (Ergonomics).

Integrated workplace fitout design, including:

    • Furniture assessments and selection
    • Workstation set up
    • Special desks
    • Control panels
    • Complex consoles
    • Dimensioning
    • Surfacing, floor treatment
    • Cabling/cable management
    • Lighting
    • Control methods
    • Seating
    • Emergencies

Green Star Certification (Ergonomics)

Overseen by the Green Building Council of Australia, the GreenStar Certification process is Australia’s trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities.

If you’re a designer, architect or developer, one of Dohrmann Consulting’s Certified Professional Ergonomists can assist you in ensuring your designs meet the ergonomics credit 15.0 requirements of the Green Star Interiors v1.1.

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Product Design and Development

If you’re designing and developing products, Dohrmann Consulting can help optimise the human interface. We supply ergonomics data on variables such as body size, hand function, control/display design and forces – and any other human element which will make the product safe, user-friendly and usable.

Product Assessments

  • Independent expert advice on compliance with ergonomics and safety standards
  • Risk assessments
  • Advice on improvements

Floor Treatments

Our engineers and ergonomists can conduct a number of tests (including slip tests) on various floor treatments and provide an independent report on their suitability for the proposed location and purpose.

Public Transport

  • Driver cabins and controls
  • Passenger spaces, access and seating
  • Displays
  • Safety – buses, trams, trains and aircraft

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