Our areas of professional and practical ergonomics expertise mean we can assist you with nearly all matters regarding ergonomics, safety, human factors or engineering.

Our team of ergonomists and engineers have diverse practical experience in ensuring that your business’s processes, products, and environments are independently designed, reviewed and managed for the safety and comfort of your users.

When it comes to workplace design, our areas of expertise are extensive and ongoing legal experience means we are uniquely equipped to advise clients on what is (or isn’t) appropriate safety system practice.

Dohrmann Consulting is an engineering-based team of several skilled ergonomists, assisting clients whenever, wherever and however they need help, through either expertise in-house, or through our wider network of associates, Australia-wide.

We have a strong track record of success and gaining the confidence of our customers, who know that we will serve them at the highest of standards – we keep them up to the mark with training, planning advice, assessments and advice on liability exposure.

Our customers include some of the biggest brands in Australian business. With a fixed fee structure for most services, our customers keep coming back for independent, reliable, considerate and collaborative ergonomic solutions that meet their business requirements.

So whether you’re looking to develop safe work procedures, seek expert liability opinion or need expert ergonomics and safety assessment of products, places and systems, Dohrmann Consulting has the experience to match your project needs.

Contact us to see how our ergonomics expertise can assist your business needs.