Developing Performance Solutions using expert ergonomics and human engineering

Ergonomics, also known as Human Factors (which means “fitting things to people”), draws on scientific data about humans’ true capabilities and limitations. In building compliance work, it is often the key to a well-justified Performance Solution, by considering the attributes of users of a facility, when and how they use it, as well as explaining how people actually see, move, understand and sense their surroundings. It takes into account the breadth of human behaviour, human size, strength, abilities, and limits. Ergonomics is a powerful tool in developing justified Performance Solutions. 

Dohrmann Consulting’s expert engineers and ergonomists can help designers, architects and surveyors with compliance to the National Construction Code (NCC)/BCA, including obtaining exemptions with Performance Solutions (Alternative Solutions). We apply powerful, relevant scientific data from ergonomics to unravel and develop alternative solutions, and to help builders better understand the intent of Performance Requirements.

Where a non-compliance to the NCC is identified, Dohrmann Consulting can provide expert advice on a justifiable solution that is sufficient to fulfill necessary ergonomics/safety criteria implicit in the applicable NCC Performance Requirements. 

We routinely consider non compliances across a wide range of areas, including all aspects of access and egress, disability access, signage, vehicle movement, emergencies, security, slip resistance requirements and more.

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) Training

If you have recently attended the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors webinar training 'Justifying Performance Solutions using expert engineering and ergonomics reasoning', click here to access your free downloadable guide on how to effectively use expert ergonomics and human engineering in developing Performance Solutions. 

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