Mark Dohrmann is one of Australia’s most renowned Chartered Professional Engineers and Certified Professional Ergonomists. He lectured in ergonomics and founded Australia’s first independent ergonomics consultancies in 1977, which is now known as Dohrmann Consulting. He has designed, trained, advised and encouraged thousands of Australians into safer and more productive work.

An expert in strain injury, slips and falls, and safety, Mark has provided expert evidence in many high-profile cases in most jurisdictions. He has written thousands of expert reports, specialising in matters of overuse, strain injuries, machinery, industrial safety and both product and public liability. His expertise spans across many industries, jobs and work settings.

Mark is the immediate past chair of Sacred Heart Mission. In 1994, he was awarded the Order of Australia for his charity work with the Victorian state-wide Solve Disability Solutions, which he founded in 1975, and served on the board for 43 years.


Tel: (03) 9376 1844