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Most of us spend many hours in front of a computer on a daily basis. Strain injuries as a result of incorrect positioning and repetitive movements are increasing in Australia, costing businesses millions and causing discomfort for workers.

Our friends over at jason.l have put together this snazzy infographic as a guide on how to position our equipment and ourselves to maximise productivity and minimise risk of injury. Check it out!

Jason.L are office furniture and fitout experts. They can help if you’re looking to update or re-vamp your office – and Dohrmann Consulting can do a complete ergonomic assessment on any product/equipment you are considering. We also take into account systems and processes used throughout your workflows – so not only are your employees kept safe and injury free, they’re more productive too.

NOTE: Dohrmann Consulting are independent. We do not receive commissions / incentives from Jason.L, nor do we offer them. We just like to share information that will help you!

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