Train station with multiple trains and people

Dohrmann Consulting are leaders in safety, ergonomics and human-centred assessment and design in the transport sector, including trains, trams, rail, road and aviation.

Our team works in –  

  • All aspects of passenger safety.
  • Rollingstock design – ergonomics, maintenance, safety (both existing and future products).
  • Driver’s cabins – seating, control systems, access, and task loading.
  • Passenger spaces – access, seating and DDA.
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).
  • Public transport customer ticketing systems.
  • Control room design – new and existing.
  • Disability access compliance – all areas.
  • Incident investigations.
  • Tailored training for operational and office staff.

Transport Industry Experience

We have a proven track record with government and private transport authorities, operators and contractors, including Department of Transport Victoria, Transport for NSW, Yarra Trams, Metro Trains, V/Line, Downer Group, Qantas, RAAF and AirServices Australia.

Projects we have delivered include:


  • Safety and ergonomics review of Myki equipment in B2, C1, C2, D1 and D2-class trams.
  • Studies on master controller forces, seat adjustment ranges and mirror heights in E-class trams.
  • Assessment of drivers’ cabin seating in various trams including C1-class, E-class, and B2-class trams.
  • Assessment of vehicle body roll and suspected track contribution.
  • Ergonomics advice on new tram passenger information system implemented in A-Class trams.
  • Clearances for passengers, step access, step lighting, passenger seating.
  • Ergonomics assessment of electronic gong upgrade in A-class and Z3-class trams.
  • Ergonomics and safety review of Enhanced Automatic Points (EAP) system and console of C1, C2, D1, D2 and W8-class trams.
  • Lighting review on steps of B-class trams.


  • Ergonomics review of proposed in-train Vlocity 4G mobile repeater system.
  • Manual handling and ergonomics assessment of radio installations at various train stations
  • Ergonomics assessment of Communications Control Unit (CCU) placement in Sprinter trains as part of requirement maintenance activities
  • Assessment of Z3-class tram driver’s cabins and access.
  • Disability Access compliance throughout railway stations.
  • Ergonomics assessment of new generation VLocity train driver’s cabin.
  • Ergonomics assessment of VLocity train driver’s cabin dash panel, control layout and drivers seat.
  • Lighting assessment of V/Line Integrated Operations Centre in Melbourne.
  • Workstation ergonomics assessments and workstation setup information sessions for office staff.


  • Optimisation of console arrangements for control tower air traffic controllers.
  • Virtual ergonomics assessment of proposed civil and military air traffic control system.
  • Improved pilot crew rest facilities for new ultra-long distance aircraft.
  • Risk assessment of Qantas Boeing 737 carry-on luggage handling.
  • Improved aircraft galley processes.

Ergonomics assessments of vehicles

  • Ergonomics assessment of driver’s seat and cabin in prime movers, trucks, heavy and passenger vehicles.
  • Ergonomics assessment of new fleet vehicles for train signals maintenance.
  • Assessment of fleet cars for suitability to all staff.
  • Assessment of optimal vehicle for handling items.

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