Ergonomics and human factors play an essential role in optimising safety and security in Defence systems. Considering human limitations and capabilities in the early stages of equipment, technology, systems, and vehicle design enable efficient human performance and safe operations of defence personnel.

Dohrmann Consulting has experience in delivering independent ergonomics and human factors assessment and design of numerous defence systems, equipment, transport and complex environments.

Our team works in –  

  • All aspects of safety
  • Ergonomics and human factors assessments (physical, biomechanical, physiological)
  • Ergonomics in local Defence manufacturing
  • Practical anthropometric studies, including Fitman Exercises (FITEX)
  • Assessment and design of specialist workstations in all Defence transport including aircraft, ships, combat systems, tankers and armoured vehicles.
  • Civil and military air traffic control console systems design
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) evaluation and design
  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
  • Analysis of human modelling in complex Defence operations and work situations
  • Utilising world-leading 3D-CAD ergonomics simulation tools to optimise products such as vehicles and cockpits.
  • Human factors risk analysis
  • User requirements, environmental and task analysis and design
  • Working with Military standards and requirements
  • Support for Defence tender submissions of prime contractors, offering ergonomics and human factors consultancy expertise
  • Tailored ergonomics training for various Defence personnel (e.g. control tower operators, special vehicle technicians)

Defence Industry Experience

Our team of engineering-based ergonomists and safety experts have practical experience working with Defence government agencies, as well as private contractors, including: Australian Department of Defence, Australian Defence Force (ADF), AirServices Australia, Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF), Thales Australia (a trusted partner of the Australian Defence Force), Department of Transport Victoria and Jet Aviation.

Projects we have delivered include:

  • Ergonomics advisor for air traffic control consoles associated with Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS) OneSKY Australia Program (Thales, Airservices, Australian Department of Defence).
  • Ergonomics assessment of B300 Overhead Imagery System proposed for the Australian Defence Force, including Fitment Exercise (OIS FITEX) and review of cabin and cockpit configurations.
  • Ergonomics consultants to Department of Defence (secret security rated). We have undertaken ergonomics design evaluations in mission-critical console environments, including the Collins Class submarine.
  • Ergonomics assessment of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Air Traffic Control Tower dual operator console
  • Sydney Airport Air Traffic Control Tower
    • Ergonomics assessment of new wind shear alerting technology and workstation changes
    • Advice on console lighting design and selection
  • Assessment of re-design of Avalon Air Traffic Control Tower lighting arrangements
  • Assessment of French Air Traffic Control console
  • Ergonomics assessment of welding and grinding operations on Bushmaster (Protected Mobility Vehicle) assembly line.
  • Singapore LORADS III design
    • Advice on ergonomics criteria and review of three proposed air traffic control consoles concepts
    • Ergonomics input into various components and furniture used in air traffic control system
  • Australian “New Age” II console for Airsys Australia – ergonomics input into air traffic management console design
  • Tailored ergonomics training for aircraft technicians, control tower operators, defence manufacturing operations

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