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Bounce in trampoline injuries

The Highs and Lows of having fun: 8 things to look out for

Trampolines have been a well loved staple of the Australian backyard for decades – so loved are they that trampoline parks have started to pop up all over the country. Lately though, trampolines have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Serious injuries ruin fun  

Injuries are a part of any sport, and trampolining is no exception. More popular amongst children than riding a bike (68%) trampolining (79%) sees 1 in 6 children sustain injuries such as broken bones, concussion and sprains.

Between 2012-2017 trampoline parks saw nearly 500 children presented to hospital emergency departments with injuries including fractures and spinal injuries.

Here at Dohrmann Consulting, we have provided expert opinion on a range of trampoline matters. Read our list of 8 learnings from when things went wrong.

Trampolines: 8 things to look out for 

  1. Trampoline edges are hard and can be dangerous – give them a wide berth, jump in control, always jump to the middle and be careful getting on and off.
  2. There are hard structures under the padding, sometimes the padding is not enough, or limbs slide under the padding (can result in broken bones).
  3. Look for signs of fraying at the edge of the mat – even at parks.
  4. If jumping high, ensure there is nothing under the trampoline which you can hit.
  5. If the padding is raised it can (and has) resulted in tripping hazards.
  6. If jumping into foam areas, check the depth, location of foam (has it moved to the edges) and also the “springiness” of the foam, foam wears with time.
  7. Multiple people on one trampoline account for many accidents, either avoid, or ensure you know who is jumping and can “adjust” to the impact of their bounce.
  8. Check weight, size, and jump height limits. At trampoline parks ask the staff what the limits are and what to be wary of.

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