Obligation-free Preliminary Expert Liability Advice –  Ergonomics, Safety and Engineering

Our team of qualified expert engineers and ergonomists can provide obligation-free preliminary expert advice before you commit to a formal report. If you would like us to review a case, please complete all relevant information in the following form and submit.

Legal matters we commonly investigate include: 
  • Strain injuries – manual handling & RSI
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Plant and machinery accidents
  • Product failures
Preliminary advice process: 
  1. Once we receive your request, we will review the merits of the case, so you don’t need to commit to a formal expert report.
  2. Our advice will be preliminary (for example, not a service-ready formal report), but aimed at helping you identify strengths and weaknesses in the liability aspects of your case.
  3. Your case will be reviewed by several experts, so it will be covered from every angle.
  4. Once we’ve completed the review, we’ll give you a brief call or email to discuss the results of our assessment.
  5. Please expect a turnaround of approximately 5 – 7 business days for each case review. If you require a more urgent review, please let us know ASAP. 

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