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OysterMouse – wired (regular size – model 5081) Over the past month, one of our engineers, Bill, has been trialling the OysterMouse. He was using the wired option, in regular size (it’s also available in wireless and large). I had a chat to Bill today about his experience with the mouse. Here’s what he had to say. The good: Bill liked that the mouse has five different angular positions. He found two of these positions worked particularly well for him and regularly switched between them, to vary his hand position throughout the day. The buttons aligned well with his hand placement, as did the scroll wheels. The mouse is highly customisable and while Bill did not use it with his left hand, the mouse is ambidextrous. These additional features do not affect the speed and functionality of the product, which he rated as the same as any standard optical mouse. The bad: Bill really only had one negative thing to say about the OysterMouse. Because of the angle of hand when using the mouse in a raised position, there is a smaller portion of the wrist in contact with the desk than when using a standard mouse. This caused uncomfortable pressure on one small spot of the wrist. This could be alleviated by the use of a gel wrist rest, however it is something the user needs to be aware of. It was also alleviated by using the multiple angle positions described above. The rest: Bill observed that the mouse is quite large. He has been using the ‘regular’ size (the mouse is also available in large size) and his fingers were comfortably reaching the click buttons and scroll wheel, while they were more or less extended. If the user had small hands, their ease of use of the product may be affected. According to the box there may be compatibility issues with some software. Bill had no trouble, however there may also be differences in functionality between PC and Mac. Overall: Overall, Bill is happy with the OysterMouse and since he now prefers it to a standard mouse, will keep using it. He likes the look and feel of it, and fully intends on teaching himself to use it left-handed too, someday! More information about the OysterMouse is available here.
NOTE: Dohrmann Consulting are not an OysterMouse supplier/distributor and do not receive commission/incentives of any sort from the makers of the OysterMouse. Any time we make a recommendation about a product it’s because it’s the best product to suit our client’s needs. This review is NOT a recommendation. Individual requirements and circumstance must be assessed when purchasing any office equipment. Dohrmann Consulting can assess the equipment you are considering – give us a call on 03 9376 1844.
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