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Recently our Marketing Manager, Angela, tried out the Ergo Office Chair for a few days. We sat down with her to find out what she thought. The Good: The Ergo chair was very comfortable. It is fully adjustable (back, seat slide, seat tilt, height of seat and armrests) so with a few quick tweaks, it was adjusted to Angela’s height and tilt requirements. The chair is very easy to adjust. The mesh back was particularly comfortable and when adjusted correctly, supported the back well. The mesh back is probably the feature Angela will miss the most, especially once summer comes! The Bad: There’s not much bad to say about the Ergo. Ergonomically it’s sound, it looks good and it’s comfortable. One minor inconvenience was the armrests. When adjusted to the ideal height, the armrests hit the desk, preventing the chair from being as close to the desk as it should have been. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration with any chair with armrests, not just the Ergo. The armrests are easily removable from the Ergo, if they are annoying. The Rest: The Ergo is weighted up to 165kgs and meets ANSI X5.1 – 2011/BIFMA safety standards. It’s quite a wide chair and took up more space than Angela’s usual chair. This was not a problem in Angela’s office however it may need to be taken into account in very small offices. Overall: Overall, the chair was very comfortable and reasonable looking. It’s solid and stable (it has a five post base for stability) and is available in black. With a 10 year warranty and retailing at around $370, this chair is definitely worth a look for anyone considering purchasing a solid all-rounder.
NOTE: Dohrmann Consulting are not an office furniture supplier/distributor and do not receive commission/incentives of any sort from Officeworks. Any time we make a recommendation about a product it’s because it’s the best product to suit our client’s needs. This review is NOT a recommendation. Individual requirements and circumstance must be assessed when purchasing any office equipment.
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