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Lifting and carrying items in the workplace are common activities – they are also common areas for injury. Use this risk assessment guide to assess whether tasks involve repetitive/strenuous lifting or carrying actions, or other common safety, health or environmental issues.  For those familiar with NIOSH we have also included a way to calculate the associated risk. Are there areas for improvement?  There almost always are – and sometimes the solutions are easy. Feel free to share this worksheet with your staff so they can keep a lookout for potential hazards too.  And don’t forget – should you need a thorough review or smart solutions to eliminate existing hazards, we have over 40 years experience across a broad range of industries.  Feel free to give head office a call on 03 9376 1844 (we work nationally), or send us an email enquiry, we’re always happy to have a chat. Simply pop in your name and email to access the worksheet:

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