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Ergonomics professionals and human factors specialists are governed by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Inc (HFESA). Its purpose is to promote the principles and practice of ergonomics throughout the community.

This is a great society to join if you’re interested in ergonomics, and want to get connected to occupational health and safety people in the field. There are great networking opportunities and events you can become involved in.

The HFESA also administers the Certified Professional Ergonomists – practitioners in ergonomics who have had their qualifications and experience certified against external standards of professional competence.

HFESA also publishes the Ergonomics Australia Journal, providing the latest reviews and information on practical approaches to human factors and ergonomic issues for human factors professionals. The journal includes reviews, case studies, innovation reports, articles, comments, reviews and special features.

HFSEA has a number of special interest groups, which can be accessed by members. These include

Dohrmann Consulting is proudly a long-time member of HFESA.

Visit the HFESA website: www.ergonomics.org.au

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