Download these useful 6 ergonomics tips

Pop on your walking boots and get out your pens.

These guidelines will help you identify some obvious, and some less obvious, ergonomic hazards in your workplace – potentially saving your workers and you much heartache.

Simply print out these practical ergonomics tips and take a walk around. With the tips in mind closely observe what work is being performed, when and how.  Does the work meet these best practices?  Are there areas for improvement?  There almost always are – and sometimes the solutions are easy.

Feel free to share the checklist with your staff so they can keep a lookout for potential hazards too. And don’t forget – should you need a thorough review or smart solutions to eliminate existing hazards, we have over 40 years experience across a broad range of industries. Feel free to give head office a call on 03 9376 1844 (we work nationally), or send us an email enquiry, we’re always happy to have a chat.

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