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6 more tips for managing the safety of an ageing workforce

In our last blog, we covered some things you, as employer or manager, should be aware of when managing an ageing workforce. Now we will cover 6 more things – we hope it’s helpful!

1. Less tolerance for extreme temperatures ie heat and cold

    • maintain an optimum worksite temperature, also ensuring quality airflow and shelter is available;
    • ensure protective clothing against both heat and cold is available, as well as adequate water in hot environments.

2. Hearing loss

    • Increase signal to noise ratio in tasks that require or provide audible cues.

3. Greater incidence of lower back pain (LBP)

    • provide job training in: prevention of LBP (job planning can help), risks on job, basic body mechanics, actions to avoid, non-work injury prevention;
    • check out our post on how to stop back and neck pain.

4. Increased risk of falling

    • remove slippery walkways;
    • illuminate workplace;
    • provide accessible handrails.

5. Slower rehabilitation from injury and illness

    • allow more gradual return to work;
    • allow rotation between light and heavy jobs;
    • provide training in return to work matters.

6. Higher work stress

    • avoid machine-paced work;
    • give the worker control of their tasks;
    • emphasise accuracy rather than speed.

Older workers can bring valuable knowledge and experience to a workplace – but sometimes they need a little more consideration when it comes to their comfort and safety in the workplace. If you would like your workplace assessed or help in working with older workers, give us a call on 03 9376 1844 to schedule an obligation-free chat!

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