Expert Opinion on Liability (Case Studies)


John Dimopoulos is a mechanical engineer with a Graduate Diploma in Management.

John has extensive experience in slip, trip and fall investigations, along with investigations into product system failures. He has prepared many expert witness reports, attending court to give robust evidence on falls, machinery, mobile plant, agricultural equipment, storage racks and more.

With significant industry experience in the automotive sector, John also possesses valuable skills in risk assessment, product design, validation and manufacturing processes.  He is experienced in the investigation of accidents and has had good exposure to ergonomics techniques, analysis and preparation of expert opinion.

John's full experience includes:

  • Hundreds of slip, trip and fall investigations for litigation purposes and extensive experience in the testing, measurement and assessment of floor slip resistance, including falls from stairways.
  • Plant and infrastructure inspections for integrity and compliance with codes and standards.
  • Root cause analysis of products failures, including investigations into process and system failures.
  • Inspection of access and egress requirements (stairways, handrails and balustrades) for compliance with relevant building codes/standards, usually in the context of litigated personal injuries claims.
  • Development of test procedures/protocol for mechanical testing of various components (load to failure and fatigue testing).  Varied applications such as flooring systems, shower screens, elevating work platforms, shelving units and suction cups used in glazing lifting applications.
  • Load and stress calculations for various applications in order to determine compliance with standards or prediction of failure.
  • Able to develop and conduct plant audits for conformance with relevant codes and standards. Experience in setting up procedures and quality systems to NATA/ISO requirements.

Investigations undertaken include:

  • Investigations into storage racking collapses.
  • Product failure investigations including; octopus straps, power tools, roller doors, plumbing fixtures, bicycle components.
  • Failure of components or devices leading to falls, such as ladders, scaffolding and balustrades.
  • Inspection of farm equipment and plant following accidents.
  • Forklift accidents: overturning, collisions with pedestrians and objects.
  • Lighting analysis – indoors and outdoors.
  • Inspection of manufacturing equipment for guarding and hazard identification.
  • Investigation in BBQ gas bottle fires.
  • Industrial equipment performance evaluation, review of manufacturers specification.
  • Inspection of chairs.
  • Failed mobility scooters.
  • Shopping trolley accidents.
  • Escalator and travellator accidents.


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