Expert Opinion on Liability (Case Studies)


Bill Contoyannis is a qualified mechanical engineer, biomedical engineer and ergonomist with extensive experience in the field of biomedical and rehabilitation engineering. He is a skilled incident investigator specialising in risk identification and injury prevention.

Bill applies biomechanical principles to analyse and determine body forces, risk levels and likely causation of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as to determine the likely causes of a given incident. He regularly gives evidence at court on injuries pertaining to slips, trips, falls, lifting, manual handling and forces and is well qualified to comment on systems of work, remedial measures and risk prevention.

He has been involved in a broad range of range of rehabilitation and assistive technology areas and has made a significant contribution to the field of prosthetics, wheelchairs and general assistive technology, including incident investigation, education, research, advice and clinical support.

As a seasoned speaker, he has been invited many times to present and lecture at a number of national and international forums, and is an adviser to health departments, professional organisations and support associations throughout Australia.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and Master of Engineering Science (Biomedical Engineering), as well as a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.

Bill combines his professional expertise with his personnel interests especially in the areas of disability. He also enjoys restoring and repairing classic vehicles (he never met an old English car he didn’t like!).

He is an active member of the Forensic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Assistive Technology societies.

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