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Safety in Action

Our Managing Director, Ted Dohrmann, is speaking at the Safety In Action Conference in Melbourne, on Wednesday 06 September.

One the biggest issues facing Australia today is its ageing population, and – by extension – it’s ageing workforce. In 2002-03, for every working Australian aged 15 to 64, there were 0.19 people over 65 in the workforce.  By 2050-51, this number will have increased to 0.46 people.

Musculoskeletal strain (or “ergonomic”) risk is a big problem – and the older you are, the longer you’re in a job, the more exposed you are. Ageing workers face age-specific OHS concerns, which ergonomics can help address by adjusting organisational practices, adopting new technologies and assisting with work demands.

Some of the challenges that are part of an ageing workforce are:

  1. Decreased joint mobility, reduced tissue elasticity.
  2. Loss of strength.
  3. Reduced physical functional capacity.
  4. Slower perception and decision making; attention and memory deficits.
  5. Visual deficits; acuity; colour discrimination.

The ageing workforce is an opportunity for smart employers.   Come along to hear how applying ergonomics principles to your workplace – how it’s designed and how it runs – will ensure that your workers age like fine wine.

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