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Welcome to our new team member  

No not you scallywags the skeleton!  I am talking about Tom Dohrmann, who joined Dohrmann Consulting some months back and made a great impression at the recent WHS show.

Tom comes to us from having spent the last twelve years working in product development with the Ford Motor Co in Australia and China. Engaged in team collaboration, new product development and regulatory compliance – ergonomic questions frequently formed a frequent part of his design brief.

A Mechanical Engineer, Tom now uses his technical and forensic skills to advise clients on safe systems, processes and equipment use, aimed at enhancing safety, comfort and productivity. Tom also acts as an expert in litigated injury claims, identifying liability issues and preparing expert opinion for litigation.

Tom is passionate about team collaboration and finding better, smarter ways of matching work and products to the people who use them. He is acknowledged as a good communicator, both in writing and speaking. His interests include classic cars, photography, skiing, home theatre equipment, gadgets and classic movies.

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