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Course Overview:

A workshop intensive in structured incident investigation using PRISM tools and techniques in conjunction with case studies. Investigation using accepted risk techniques and methods is generally referred to as a ‘System Safety’ investigation. PRISM focuses on the interdependence of personnel, procedures, equipment and management systems for safe and effective work systems. It is a systematic process of investigating mishaps to discover, understand and correct management system deficiencies that have led (or could lead) to organisational losses.

PRISM is a recognised best practice approach aimed at providing organisational learning.

Course Outcomes:

  • Identifying system deficiencies by working successively upstream from individual errors towards a wider basis for error-provocative systems. Human error is re-examined at different decision levels and for different time scales, yielding unique insights for change.
  • Understanding all contributions to organisation risk (and not unduly highlighting the role of operators who have inherited system deficiencies.)
  • Developing change initiatives know as Judgements of Need (not recommendations). Although recommendations are made, they are separated from the incident investigation findings, so that managers and executives can devise recommendations that suit their responsibilities (which yield much more effective recommendations).

Who is it for?

Managers and supervisors who are responsible for conducting incident investigations will most benefit from this course. The content is also beneficial to workers who have health & safety responsibilities, such as Health & Safety Representatives, Process Workers and First Aiders. Senior managers (such as Directors) may also benefit from attending, especially if company operations are complex or high risk, or there has been a recent incident/near miss.

Course length:

One (1) full day. In complex situations, a more detailed course can be delivered over three (3) days.

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