The smartest employers in Australia know they need to do more than just meet “bare minimum” safety and ergonomics standards – they need professional ergonomics assessments. Although failure to consider ergonomics at work can result in heavy penalties and costly legal problems, the smartest, most successful businesses nonetheless commit to delivering better workplaces for their people because they know that it results in safer, happier and more productive staff. Dohrmann Consulting helps employers to create such workplaces and work systems that are comfortable, safe and productive.  Our professional ergonomists are experienced and skilled observers of people, processes and plant: they know what it takes to bring it all together to ensure that your staff are comfortable, satisfied and effective at their tasks. Dohrmann Consulting has the ergonomics expertise to guarantee peace of mind for your staff and your business.  With more than 35 years’ experience in engineering, ergonomics, safety and the analysis of human movement, Dohrmann Consulting is the most experienced and trusted, independently owned ergonomic engineering firm in Australia. Dohrmann Consulting’s ergonomics advice is based on science, our extensive technical resources and experience. We have a comprehensive library, measuring equipment, analysis tools and access to lab services to ensure the most accurate and objective assessment and reporting, whatever your need. Our clients are comforted knowing that by working with us they are both reducing their liability exposure and complying with workplace legislation and standards – no matter how quickly these standards evolve. Our ergonomics assessment services include workstation assessments (office and factory), product assessments, plant assessments, process assessments and environmental assessments.   More generally, we conduct compliance assessments, safety reviews and workplace inspections.

Assessment services include:

  • Workstation assessments (both office and factory, including return to work after injury)
  • Workplace ergonomics inspections, surveys and reviews
  • Manual handling and strain prevention
  • Overuse strain prevention
  • Process flow and work planning
  • Environmental assessments: slip resistance, lighting and noise
  • Machine guarding
  • Machinery and plant layout
  • Vehicle and mobile plant assessments
  • Resolving workplace aches and pains
  • Studies of human size and strength.
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Areas where we have particular ergonomics expertise include:

  • logistics
  • public transport
  • health care
  • control rooms
  • aviation
  • schools
  • emergency services
  • process industries
  • food manufacture
  • farms
  • factories.
We offer our customers fixed-fee services for all ergonomic assessment projects.  Contact an ergonomist today for a no-obligation chat , and discover how you can deliver a safer, more productive workplace for your team. *Please note that Dohrmann Consulting does not sell ergonomic furniture or products, nor do we accept any commission on sales of products we recommend.  We work closely with industry specialists to research the latest technologies and will only recommend products that we know are ergonomically viable and reliable.

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