Expert Witness Court Evidence


Geoff Waddell is a civil engineer and ergonomist. He is an experienced expert analyst of product failures, accidents and complex injury events. He prepares reports in litigated matters in most states, attending views and court, where he is regarded as an excellent and thoughtful expert witness.

Geoff’s methodical approach and years of exposure to safety provide a strong base. His special skills in machinery, structures, slips, mobile plant and vehicle accidents are much in demand.

Examples of Geoff's work include examination of:

  • Slips on various pedestrian surfaces, such as on tiles in shopping centres and on steps;
  • Trips, such as on uneven footpaths or other walkways, and on unnoticed single steps;
  • Falls, such as from ladders or from balconies;
  • Traffic accidents involving only vehicles, or vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Accidents involving mobile industrial trucks, such as where forklifts were in use and where traffic management measures may have been inadequate;
  • Machinery accidents attributed to ineffective guarding; and,
  • Injuries attributed to manual handling issues, such as in supermarket shelf-stacking, operating plant which had a manual handling aspect, machine-paced work unloading and stacking goods from a conveyor.

Geoff has also investigated and reported on several unusual matters, including:

  • A worker who was crushed by a falling coal-dryer lid.  He had removed the struts supporting the lid, but had forgotten to attach supporting chains.  He had hardly slept the night before, and had evidently come to work drunk.
  • A gym patron whose foot was crushed by a calf raise machine (the seated person raises their knees, thus lifting a weight further in front of them).  The machine was not attached to the floor, and by a curious quirk of physics, when the patron's foot touched the floor instead of remaining on the footrest, the machine tipped and moved forwards.
  • A young bakery worker who claimed that when he was cleaning an auger, he accidentally switched it on and got his fingers caught.  The switch was about 2 metres away from the augur


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