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This page offers an extensive list of handy links to ergonomics, safety and related areas.

Regularly updated - if you strike a bad link, please let us know .

Ergonomics and Safety pages (general)

Information and links to Australian safety legislation, authorities and standards:

Current Australian legislation and guidance information:

Australia-wide legislation: the Australasian Legal Information Institute at; is also convenient. The "Scaleplus" site also has State and territorial legislation.

Victorian laws and related material are at

New South Wales : the NSW Law and Justice Foundation (it also has links to most other main databases, plus some judgements - and is at

West Australian-based legislation and information (the site includes links to other jurisdictions, like NSW)

Queensland : - legislation, advisory Codes, etc

South Australian OH&S laws: go to

Northern Territory legislation:
Commonwealth OH&S Legislation and guidance material


Standards Australia International:
International Standards Organization (ISO):

State WorkCover or equivalent Authorities:

Northern Territory Work Health Authority:
Queensland Department of Industrial Relations, Workplace Health and Safety:
Workplace Standards Tasmania:
COMCARE (Commonwealth Government):

National Authorities:

NOHSC (National Occupational Health and Safety Commission):
NIOSH (in the USA):
NIH (in the USA):

Other Ergonomics & Human Factors Societies (apart from Australia):

Most of them can be accessed from links on the UK Ergonomics Society website:

International Ergonomics Society:
SEMAC (Sociedad de Ergonomistas de Mexico)


Societies Journals (paper and electronic)

Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science
Ergonomics Abstracts

These are some sites that Human Factors ( USA) and Ergonomics Society ( UK) students have found useful: Recent additions:

Nancy Laurie's home page

Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Mass. - Amherst

Ergonomics ( Liberty Mutual)

Combination of definitions, and Liberty Mutual services

Metamorphosis Ergonomic Computer Furniture Research and Products

Furniture manufacturer

HSI Home Page

Humansystems Incorporated. Consultancy

Office Ergonomics Primer

Prepared by National Office Products Association/ Haworth Furnishings

Biblio Innovations

Foot pedal keyboard extensions ... devoted to aspects of movement, posture, and ergonomics principles.


Ergonomics and training (sic)

The Agile Corporation Ergonomics Catalog

Catalog of "ergonomics" computer products

Ergonomics Links and Indexes

Some of these are institutional, some commercial, and some personal.


Human Factors and Ergonomics Internet Index

CSERIAC - this index is formally organised under topical headings following a Taxonomy of Human Factors and Ergonomics

NIOSH Ergonomics Links

Worksafe Australia Home Page - this one is BIG!

Ergonomic Links

The Ergonomics Home Page

Computer related ergonomics. Provides many links to other pages. Sponsored by Agile

The Ergonomics Home Page - Computer ergonomics/health resources

NASA Office of Aeronautics: Human Factors Links

Ergonomics (Human Factors and Human Ecology)

· A Guide to PC Input Devices and Ergonomics 

· A Patient's Guide to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Online publication by Medical Multimedia Group

· A Patient's Guide to Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) - Online publication by Medical Multimedia Group

· Adjustable Seating's ergonomic chair EquipoisE - A dynamic, kneel-sit chair, perfect posture, superb comfort.

· Advanced Ergonomics inc. - consulting

· Alternative Keyboard Survey 

· Amara's RSI Page - An essay by Amara Graps

· Ameritech User Interface Standards - User interface design information.

· Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome - A guide for computer keyboard users by Mark Sheehan

· Bad Human Factors Designs - A scrapbook of examples of bad human factors designs.

· The Banana Chair Company - The Pioneers of Kinder Furniture

· BCRI - Ergonomics and Human Factors Group

· Biodynamics Laboratory 

· Biomch-L file archive - Discussion group for biomechanics and human/animal movement science.

· Biomechanics Laboratory - Oregon State University

· Biomechanics World Wide - a guide to resources

· Biomechanics-Ergonomics Research Laboratory - University of Cincinnati Medical Center

· Boletín Argentino de Ergonomía - News about ergonomics in Argentina

· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Page - Short guide to the subject and Internet resources

· -- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research - Industrial Research on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Treatments

· Center For Ergonomics - University of Michigan

· Center for Human Modeling and Simulation (HMS) - University of Pennsylvania

· Center for Industrial Ergonomics - University of Louisville, Kentucky

· Center for Office Technology - Ergonomics Information

· Climate Ergonomics Group - National Institute of Working Life, Sweden

· comp.human-factors Frequently Asked Questions 

· Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury - introduction to RSI by Paul Marxhausen

· Computer-Related Ergonomics Information and Products - Information provided by Agile Corporation

· Computerized Anthropometric Research and Design Lab 

· Contour Design, Inc. - Information on the Contour Mouse - Wanda Smith's study found lower EMGs and fewer deviations.

· Cornell Ergonomics Web 

· Cornell Theory Center - Human Factors and Ergonomics Group

· Crew System Ergonomics Information Analysis Center 

· CTDNews - monthly newsletter

· Department of Biomedical and Human Factors Engineering - Wright State University

· Department of Ergonomics - of the University of Twente in The Netherlands

· Department of Product and Systems Ergonomics - Delft University

· Designed for Learning - Learning tools and environments for the 21st century

· Directory of Educational Program in Ergonomics - Published by the International Ergonomics Association.

· Engineering Psychology Joint Program - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

· ERGO/GERO Human Factors Science - HCI, displays, error-proofing, design for aging, forensics

· ErgoEASER Software 

· ErgonITe 

· Ergonomic chair Adjustable Seating's EquipoisE - A dynamic kneel/sit chair for superb comfort & healthy back.

· Ergonomic Engineering, Inc. - A clearinghouse for ergonomic issues

· Ergonomics & Computer Injury: FAQs - Compiled by Jonathan Bailin

· Ergonomics and HCI Unit - University of London

· Ergonomics Australia On-Line - an expanded electronic version of the Ergonomics Australia

· Ergonomics Chile 

· The Ergonomics in Teleoperation and Control Laboratory - University of Toronto

· Ergonomics information - Provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA

· Ergonomics Issues - WorkSpace Resources - Resources to develop and maintain a healthy work environment

· Ergonomics Research Laboratory - Michigan State University

· Ergonomics Resources Home Page - Well organized list of resources

· Ergonomics Task Force, University of Texas at Austin 

· ErgoRight - Ergonomic diagnosis/Ergonomic prescription

  Ergo Store (online) - individual help from the owner

· ErgoWeb - The place for ergonomics

· European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering - Eurisco studies cognition in design, the use of machines and organizations

· Federal Aviation Administration - Research Development & Human Factors Laboratory

· Federal Aviation Administration - Human Factors 

· FranzO Software - Oosie Micropause  - Helps you avoid RSI with Micropauses and Exercise Breaks

· Future Industrial Technologies - Providers of BACKSAFE(tm)

· Guidelines for Designing Effective and Healthy Learning Environments for Interactive Technologies - Michael Weisberg, National Library of Medicine

· HANDWEL® - Hand and wrist support product information

· Human Factors and Applied Cognition - George Mason University, Department of Psychology

· Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 

· Human Factors Engineering Center - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

· Human Factors Psychology - Wichita State University

· Human Factors/Ergonomics - University of Toronto

· Human Interface Technology Laboratory - University of Washington

· Human Performance Laboratory - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

· Human Systems Center - Air Force Material Command, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas

· Human-Machine Systems Laboratory - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

· Industrial/Organizational and Ergonomics Program - University of Calgary, Department of Psychology

· Institute for Ergonomics and Man-Machine Systems - Technical University Berlin

· Institute for Perception Research - Technical University of Eindhoven

· JXM's Ergonomics page - John Murray's collection of ergonomics resources.

· Los Angeles RSI Support Group - LA Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group and resource pages

· MED-TOX Health Services - Physical Ability Test validation/Medical Screening Guideline

· NASA Office Of Aeronautics: Human Factors 

· National Institute for Aviation Research  - Human Factors Laboratory

· The North Carolina Ergonomics Resource Center 

· North Carolina Ergonomics Resource Center - Provide Ergonomics Research, Consulting and Training Service

· North Carolina State University Ergonomics Laboratory 

· NVBF, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Bedrijfsfysiotherapeuten 

· Occupational Overuse Syndrome - Department of Computer Science at Victoria University

· Office Ergonomics - Focused on seated & computer work

· Office Working Postures - Information by Metamorphosis Design & Development, Inc.

· Onsight Ergonomics Home Page 

· Penn State Human Factors Lab 

· Postgraduate course in Ergonomics - PDBO Ergonomie - education in Ergonomics in the Netherlands

· R&D Ergonomics Inc. - High quality, affordable ergonomic products.

· Reducing lost work time from back injuries. - Brochures designed to educate patients about back pain.

· Relax the Back Store 

· The Rossiter Programs - Information about CTD prevention program.

· RSI-UK Home Page 

· Safety Considerations for Current and Future VR Applications 

· Screen Play Screen Saver Home Page 

· Teal Research - Ergonomic evaluations on site or via video/photos & phone

· Typing Injury FAQ 

· UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Program - University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley

· University of Virginia Ergonomics Policy 

· Usernomics - Starting place to locate ergonomics and training information.

· UVa/EHS Ergonomics - University of Virginia

· Visual Ergonomics Research Group - Department of Human Sciences, Loughborough University, England

· Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries - Ergonomics - Information and resources on ergonomics from L&I.

· WorkSpace Resources - HCI, Ergonomics and Human Factors  

· Yahoo - Science:Engineering:Ergonomics

· Zap! The Book and the Domain - Zap! How your computer can hurt you - and what you can do about it

Ergonomics generally

These are mostly societies, but also a few that couldn't be easily classified.


Welcome to the International Ergonomics Association!

The Ergonomics Society

IEA'97 Information Service

ErgoWeb: The Place for Ergonomics (most of their useful staff has to be paid for, unfortunately)

Selling Ergonomics

the message is that ergonomics is about more than compliance

JXM's Ergonomics Page

Roessingh Research and Development bv Load / Loadability Page

Frederick Winslow Taylor Collection



ISB Home Page

Biomechanics World Wide In Frames


Australasian Biomechanics Conference

Clinical Gait Analysis

University of Waterloo GAIT LABORATORY

PL207 Biomechanics I

Ergonomics: Academic

Academic and Institutional pages in no particular order.


CAMI Human Resources Research

University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics

Ergonomics Center Home Page (Texas A & M U)

TU Delft (Department of Product & Systems Ergonomics)

Ergonomics Activities in Luleå University Sweden

Biomechanics Ergonomics Resource Tank

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Human Interface Technology Laboratory

University of Washington

Ergonomics and HCI Unit, UCL

University College London

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland

This is a big file

UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Program

University of California San Francisco & Berkeley

North Carolina State University Ergonomics Laboratory

CUErgo: Cornell Ergonomics Web

ETC-Lab Augmented and Virtual Reality Home Page

Ergonomics of Teleoperation and Control . University of Toronto

IPO - Institute for Perception Research

Philips Research Laboratories & Eindhoven University of Technology

Ergonomics Standards

Standards making is such a volatile business that it is difficult to keep this set up to date. On the other hand it is where the WWW comes into its own for soliciting comment.


ErgoWeb: Reference Room Ergonomics Standards and Guidelines (be prepared to pay for useful information)

Standards Board Still Laboring on Ergonomics


Barbara Silverstein interviewed by The Free Press

HCI & Cognitive Ergonomics

Please let us know if you have any we could add.


Cognitive & Psychological Sciences

Virtual Reality Safety

HCI Index: Table of Contents

Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net

WWW VL: Human-Computer Interaction


Vertical Research, Inc. - UI Index


HFES Cognitive Engineering and decision Making Technical Group

The HCI Bibliography

British HCI Group: Web Resources

wOrlds: An Open Environment for Support of Collaborative Activities

HCIL Papers and Technical Reports

University of Maryland Department of Computer Science

Health and safety

VIOSH Australia

University of Ballarat

Australian Agricultural Health Unit

WorkSafe Australia: checklists for office and equipment selection and setup

AIHW - National Injury Surveillance Unit

Mark Dohrmann and Partners - Ergonomics, Safety, Risk Management

NIOSH Home Page

NIOSH Ergonomics links


The USDOL OSHA Home Page

Swedish National Institute for Working Life

OSHWEB - Index of Occupational Safety and Health Resources

Institute of Occupational & Safety Engineering, Finland

Welcome to IOSH

Institution for Occupational Safety and Health

SafetyOnline - The Safety Industry's Link to the Internet

SafetyOnline, Inc.

Virtual Worker at Virtual Workplace VWVW



There is so much on the WWW on this subject, that this is only a taste, but there are many further links within.


There's useful information and links to sites which cover anatomy, treatment, RSI sufferers' experiences, workplace fixes and more at the RSI Site ( USA).


Guidelines for Designing Effective and Healthy Learning Environments for Interactive Technologies

UVA/EHS Ergonomics

RSI links

RSI-UK Home Page

RSI-UK: Internet Resources Page

Typing Injury FAQ Home Page

CTDNews - Ergonomics and Workplace Safety

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

R.S.I. Page

General Libraries Ergonomics Task Force

General Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

Scott Wright's Page. Lots of handy links on strain prevention and ergonomics.



News and views on risk assessment and risk management ( USA)

Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis

George Washington University

Gerald J. S. Wilde

Queens U, Kingston, Ontario


US Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management


A few useful sites to Australian directories and news sources.



Welcome to the Australian Yellow Pages® site on the Internet

Lonely Planet Online

The Age

AFR Net Services

The Weekly Independent

Herald Sun

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