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Executive seating – selection
Cashier workstations
Directory assistance work (telephone services)
Graphic designers’ workstations
Legal secretaries and their workstations
Post Office counter work
Retail environments: ladders, floors, counters
Workstations for professional punters
By-laws offices work
Console design (various)
Headsets for telephonists
Portable data terminals
Boardrooms: seating, layout
Cleaning of offices
Journalists’ desks and work areas
Keyboard designs
Neck pain in desk-bound executives
News desk design (television broadcasting)
Office accommodation guidelines
Office chairs (selection)
Office chairs, evaluation
Office chairs: design
Office cleaning
Office ergonomics
Office layout
Office work from home (remotely)
Switchboard design and layout
Switchboard work
Tax office work
Training facilities, and their design
Reception counters – design, assessment
Chairs for very tall people
Sit/stand office stations – design
Sitting or standing at work? – work analysis
Screen ergonomics: software design
Screen flicker: analysis and resolution
Screen-based equipment policy and training manual (authorship)
Screen-based equipment selection
Secretarial work generally
Solicitors’ offices: layout
Data entry – keyboarding
Filing cabinets and their use
Financial services offices


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