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Hardwood and softwood harvesting
Hides – processing
Injection moulding
Making textiles
Metal can ends: manufacture and packing
Mining work
Moulding and injection of plastic
Pantyhose: manufacture, etc
Paper manufacture: handling large rolls
Pharmaceuticals: manufacture and packing
Refrigeration manufacture (commercial)
Refrigeration units and their assembly
Shoe manufacture
Stove and oven manufacture
Spinning yarn
Textile manufacture
Asphalt manufacture and handling
Ammunition manufacture
Bacon and ham manufacture
Biscuit manufacture and packing
Bottle manufacture
Can end manufacture and packing
Charge card manufacture
Clothing manufacture
Computer manufacture and assembly
Food manufacture and packing
Front end loaders: manufacture
Furniture manufacture
Glass manufacture
Inertia reel seatbelt manufacture
Manufacture and handling of explosives
Manufacture of timber wall frames
Printed circuitboard manufacture
Tennis balls: manufacture and testing
Wig manufacture
Wiring harnesses: manufacture

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