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Cash handling (lifting, transport)
Cash registers
Central linen services (laundry)
Cheque proofing operations
Chippers (timber)
Coal mining
Coin collection (parking meters)
Coin handling and transfer
Commercial cleaning
Commercial dishwashers
Concrete blocks used in construction (handling)
Cricket pitch rollers – use
Delicatessen work: meat slicing, etc
Dishwashing (commercial)
Dry ice: handling
Drycleaning work
Dumpmasters and rubbish disposal
Fettling (aluminium, ferrous)
Gas cylinders, and handling problems
Glazing inside buildings
Glazing of doors
Home care work
Handling large drums
Handling rubbish bins manually
Handling skins and hides
Handling welding materials
High rise palletising
Hotels: housemaids’ work
Cleaning of offices
House construction
Instrument technician’s work in hospitals
Lathes, and various tasks on them
Laundry work (hospitals and others)
Loading baggage into aircraft
Loading semi-trailers
Mounting telegraph poles
Mowing large areas of lawn
Oysters: opening them
Pallets and their movements
Panel beating (vehicles)
Pipe bending
Postal deliveries
RSI Prevention
Reinforcing mesh and moving it around
Sculleries, and work in them
Services trolleys: pushing, steering
Sewing garments
Sheep skins – washing, tanning
Spray painting
Steel plate handling
Timber workshops
Watch repair work
Water authorities – distribution work
Weights and measures inspectors’ work
Wharf work
Wire drawing and extrusion
Wool pressing
Wool scouring
Wool testing – comprehensive

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