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Coin collection (parking meters)
Large green “wheely” bins
Infant welfare work
Street sweeping
Street lighting
Traffic light globe changing
Traffic signals and their control
Painting road markings on roads
Play equipment for children
Playgrounds: comprehensive risk assessments
Pool attendants and their work
Properties of duck excrement
Pruning of pine trees
Pruning trees
Public parks and their maintenance
Public toilets, and cleaning them
Pit lids and their management
Pits and sewers: entry Plant regulations – compliance studies
Parking officers’ work
Parking tickets: ticket issuing machinery
Rubbish collection
Rubbish removal from highrise flat chutes
Maintenance of road signs
Maintenance procedures generally
Mobile libraries
Footpath construction
Footpath sweeping machines
Footpaths: slips and falls
Excavating into footpaths
Local government work generally
Librarians’ work
Libraries (reception counters)
Libraries: backroom work: handling, layout
Libraries: design of book return systems

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