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Forklift trucks and their use
Fuel tankers: loading, driving them
Garbage compactor vehicles: risk assessments
Loads, and tying them down (trucks, etc)
Petrol tanker deliveries
Postal van interiors
Powered footpath sweepers
Roadside mechanical emergency services: vehicle design
Mooring of ships
Automotive manufacture and assembly
Automotive wheel manufacture (including aluminium casting)
Automotive wiring harnesses: manufacture
Motor mechanics’ work
Motor vehicle assembly
Motorcycles: selecting the right machine for the job
Seatbelt manufacture and testing
Tailgates on trucks
Tip trucks and their behaviour
Truck loading
Truck seating
Truck steps and their design
Trucks: manufacture and assembling
Tyre building
Vehicle interiors
Vehicle maintenance workshops
Vehicle manufacture and assembly
Vehicle selection: seats, space for working in
Wheel changing – tractors, vehicles
Windscreen wiper motor assembly

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